Training the trainers

This week I have been delivering a “training the trainers” workshop to engineers from the Local Government Engineering Depatment (LGED) in Bangladesh. We have been explaining the findings of our research looking to improve the climate resilience of their structures in the coastal regions and hopefully equipping them to cascade the knowledge through their regions. Our schedule has completely gone out of the window because of the level of engagement of the audience.

In a previous existence when I worked for the Concrete Centre, I used to undertake a lot of CPD training sessions with UK engineers. While you would usually get a couple of questions at the end from somebody who was keen, the overwhelming feeling was that most were only there for the free sandwiches. That’s certainly not the case in Bangladesh.

Every session has had massive levels of audience interaction. We’ve been challenged (in a positive way) about our conclusions and there has been huge debates with us and between themselves. I really wish I could speak Bangla so I could follow the discussion rather than having to rely on the edited highlights from our local colleagues who have helped facilitate the workshops.

The only downside is that I’ve had to miss today’s session in which the engineers are presenting on how they will improve concrete durability in their regions. To spare the squeamish I shall use the euphemism that I’ve eaten something that hasn’t agreed with me. In my last post I marvelled at how modern technology allowed me to post from an aeroplane at 36000ft above Mosul; you don’t want to know what’s happening while I post this!

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